Coinlist Pro Market Roundup: Bitcoin hits ATH, Sets Sight on $70,000

Bitcoin and Ether recorded new all-time highs this Tuesday, just hours before Coinbase shares started trading on Nasdaq. After weeks of consolidation, BTC jumped to $64.8k while ETH climbed to $2.4K as the 3 day surge in the lead up to the Coinbase listing accumulated.

While some might attribute the growth to the extra publicity and investor relations chatter around Coinbase, BTC has been testing resistance levels for several weeks now, immediately coming back each time it bounced off. Other factors that might have contributed to the rally could be sheer market momentum, investor sentiment, the pace of industry development, and the rise in institutional adoption. If BTC and ETH can hang on to these new unprecedented levels, bullish momentum could target $70K and $3K respectively by next month.

No matter what happens next, volatility — and opportunity — are likely here to stay. Prepare for the next market movements on CoinList.

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