FTX Announcement | FTX Oxygen IEO


FTX will launch the Oxygen IEO at 9pm Singapore time on March 11th. OXY is the native token for the Oxygen Protocol.

Oxygen is a DeFi prime brokerage service built on Solana and powered by Serum's on chain infrastructure. Oxygen is built around Pools -- Baskets of assets that take collective actions. Starting with a borrow-lending facility, users will be able to earn yield and get leverage against their portfolios, setting the foundation for a vibrant and decentralised financial ecosystem.

For more information about Oxygen, please visit their official website https://oxygen.org/.

Please carefully read our announcement on how to participate in the Oxygen pre-sale.

Important Please Note:
Any user whose 30d trading volumes do not exceed $50,000 and does not stake 500 FTT by 9 PM SGT, March 10th will NOT be allowed to participate in this IEO. Additionally, any user who has not been approved to at least KYC level 2 will NOT be allowed to participate in this IEO.
Due to a large inflow of new sign-ups, any account that signs up past SGT 9 PM March 9th 2021 will not be guaranteed entry into the IEO.

For full OXY IEO details please see here.

As we continue to expand our product offering we thank you for your continued support.


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