ExMarkets Last chance to participate in Carnomaly (CARR) IEO!

 Last chance to participate in Carnomaly  (CARR) IEO!

Carnomaly is a blockchain-based automotive ecosystem, designed to change the way we buy, sell, shop, report, and finance vehicles. Creators of Carnomaly envision a new worldwide standard for vehicle ownership transfers, facilitating the smooth functioning of the pre-owned car market.

Currently, the industry is plagued by a number of problems. Buyers complain of a confusing buying process, inaccurate vehicle history reports, and high rates on auto loans. Sellers feel that they’re not getting a good price and that they have to undervalue their offers because of such information asymmetries. Carnomaly seeks to radically shift these perceptions in an industry with historically low customer satisfaction.

Today is the last day to participate in the IEO! Rush over to ExMarkets launchpad!

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