WazirX Trade HBAR/INR on WazirX & Win

Trade HBAR/INR on WazirX & Win

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Get ready to trade HBAR/INR non-stop for 48 hours and win in the Highest Trader Kaun Marathon starting Monday, 22nd March 2021 from 9 AM IST! Read more

What’s new with HBAR/INR trading contest?

- The trading contest will start on Monday, 22nd March 2021 at 9 AM IST and continue non-stop till Wednesday, 24th March, 9 AM IST. It's a 48-hour long marathon!
- Total prize of ₹6,45,000 INR ($8,600 USD) worth HBAR. You can win prizes based on your trading performance for the entire 48-hour long trading contest marathon!
- Includes prizes for top 140 traders by volume

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Contest duration
Monday, 22nd March, 9 AM — Wednesday, 24th March, 9 AM IST (non-stop)

Reward structure

1st place: 8,535.98 HBAR (worth ₹1,29,000)
2nd place: 5,121.59 HBAR (worth ₹77,400)
3rd place: 2,987.59 HBAR (worth ₹45,150)
4th - 10th place: 1,707.2 HBAR (worth ₹25,800)
11th - 15th place: 938.96 HBAR (worth ₹14,190)
16th - 20th place: 512.16 HBAR (worth ₹7,740)
21st - 25th place: 256.08 HBAR (worth ₹3,870)
26th - 30th place: 136.58 HBAR (worth ₹2,064)
31st - 35th place: 85.36 HBAR (worth ₹1,290)
36th - 140th place: 42.27 HBAR (worth ₹639)
Make sure to take advantage of the contest leaderboard and trade smartly!

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