ExMarkets We have launched ProSwap (PROS) STAKING pool

We have launched ProSwap (PROS) STAKING pool

We are inviting all our community members to jump into the staking activity with ProSwap. Hold your PROS in the staking pool and reap HUGE rewards for your contributions.

ProSwap is a unique platform which empowers you to make hedging contracts. How does it work? On this platform, you can draw up smart contracts with people for whom you deposit a small amount of cash. In return, those people accept the risk of negative price movements of your cryptocurrency. This means that you will be safe and sound, or hedged, if the price of your crypto decreases.

PROS is an ERC-20 token introduced by ProSwap. Accepted currencies are ETH, USDT, and BTC.

Dive deep into the PROS STAKING pool on ExMarkets.

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