Liquid NEW listing: Kusama (KSM) + win a share of $5,000

NEW listing: Kusama (KSM) + win a share of $5,000

Liquid is proud to announce yet another powerful project coming to our trading platform. Kusama (KSM) is now available to trade on Liquid Exchange.

What is Kusama?
Kusama is a scalable network of specialized blockchains built using Substrate. Kusama is a Polkadot “cousin” created by the Co-founder of Polkadot and utilized approximately the same codebase.

The main aim of Kusama is to create an environment pleasant to test innovative or fast-building projects and make the pre-check before deploying startups on Polkadot.

Available trading pair: KSM/BTC.

Win free KSM
In the exciting news of Kusama listing, we will be launching a deposit and trading competition with a $5,000 prize pool!

Starting date: 5th of April, 2021.

Two ways to win:

- Deposit KSM to earn an added bonus from $2,000 prize pool
- Compete to win a share of $3,000 in a trading competition

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