ExMarkets Introducing ProSwap - De-Fi protection against Crypto market volatility

Introducing ProSwap - De-Fi protection against Crypto market volatility

PROS Listed on Uniswap

We’re extremely excited to announce that ProSwap (PROS) token has officially been listed on Uniswap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.PROS allows users to access pre-deployed ethereum contracts on the ProSwap platform, which will cut contract transaction costs by up to 95%. Thanks to PROS, traders will also be able to engage in Openhedge contracts without the use of intermediaries – in a completely decentralised way.

Hedging is a new strategy that has been recently adopted within crypto industry and it will be booming after all the crypto farming initiatives are over. The market cap of 50 million USD has been surpassed with steady growth and future projections are showing very positive trends as well.

DeFi Innovation

ProSwap is redefining the future of DeFi infrastructure by providing users with simple and cost-effective risk management instruments. Not only does ProSwap enable risk-averse users to protect themselves against market volatility, it also allows risk-seeking users to earn upfront premia for providing liquidity. The process is completely decentralized and so simple that the average user can acquire the same level of protection as that enjoyed by a professional portfolio manager.

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