FTX Announcement | NPXS/PUNDIX Migration

Announcement | NPXS/PUNDIX Migration

FTX wil support the Pundi X migration. Below are the details:

At April 4th 10pm HKT:
NPXS deposits and withdrawals will be suspended
Unprocessed NPXS withdrawals will be cancelled
NPXS/USD and NPXS-PERP trigger orders will be cancelled
Trading will be halted on NPXS/USD and NPXS-PERP markets, all orders will be canceled, and the markets will be de-listed
NPXS-PERP will cash-expire to a 1-hour TWAP of the NPXS index

Within an hour after April 4th 10pm HKT:
NPXS spot balances will be converted into PUNDIX balances at a 1,000:1 rate
PUNDIX/USD and PUNDIX-PERP will be listed
PUNDIX withdrawals and deposits will be enabled
It is your responsibility to understand the implications of the FTX Pundi X migration. FTX is not liable for losses.

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