ExMarkets ProSwap (PROS) is getting off to an impressive start

ProSwap (PROS) is getting off to an impressive start

Do you tend to worry about the volatility of your crypto holdings over the period? This can finally end. We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of ProSwap (PROS).

ProSwap is one of the first platforms where hedging contracts can be created. You can enter into a smart contract with a person to whom you deposit a small amount of money to accept the risk of any negative price movements of the currency of your choice. This not only enables risk-averse users to hedge position downsides but also allows risk-seekers to earn upfront premia for providing liquidity to hedges.

Our official Telegram channel had the exclusive privilege to host the first ProSwap AMA session, during which almost 3,000 well-thought questions were asked. We have also listed the project’s unique token, PROS, for you to trade. Last but not least, the staking pool is still open.

Join the ProSwap community on Telegram, read the latest announcements, and forget about the unpredictability of cryptocurrency!

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