ExMarkets ProSwap (PROS) staking pool is open

ProSwap (PROS) staking pool is open

How often do you find yourself hesitant about trading crypto just because of price swings? ProSwap (PROS) is finally putting an end to it. We invite all our community members to jump into the PROS staking pool. Holding PROS in the pool will lead to huge rewards for your contributions.

ProSwap is one of the first platforms that allows creating hedging contracts. You can make a smart contract with a person to whom you deposit a small amount of money to accept the risk of any negative price swings of your cryptocurrency. This way, risk-averse users will hedge position downsides while risk-seekers will earn upfront premia for providing liquidity to hedges.

We have also listed the project’s token, PROS, for you to trade. Last but not least, do not forget to join the ProSwap community on Telegram to stay up to date.

Hedge your digital assets with ProSwap and make crypto volatility a thing of the past.

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